Monday, February 7, 2011

The Red Phone: Part One

I can remember sitting on in my mom and dad's bathroom floor in deep discussion with one of my high school girlfriends about faith and God. She looked me straight in the eye and told me,"it is like you have a red phone to God, like one you would use to contact a super hero or something."

In a way, I guess she was right. I talked to God constantly. 

I definitely had His direct line. 

I knew He had my back. He was my best friend. 

I would sometimes ask others about it and some would tell me they would go weeks without praying. That seemed so foreign to me. 

At the time, I wondered how they stayed sane. 

As a teen, I was in a constant state of prayer. 

To clarify, I am not taking about holier than thou prayer or gonna make a sermon out of this meal time blessing because I have you captive kinda prayer.

You soooo know what I am talking about...

Truth be told, I have always disliked public prayer-- then and now-- it feels weird to me. My prayers have always been my words and thoughts to God and it is hard for me to feel like I am praying someone else's thoughts... just sayin'.

No, back then, my prayer was way informal, conversational prayer  talk with my Creator. God was how I interpreted my world...we'd talk it over a bit... if that makes sense. I had been in conversation with Him as long as I could remember.

I didn't know anything different. 

No one told me to pray. 

It just happened and when it did, I would feel His warmth, direction and presence.

And, peace...

{Cue scary music}

That was, until the phone line went dead one day and no matter how many times I redialed, there was nothing but silence...

To be continued...

What is your prayer life like? Has it always been the same? Has God ever went silent with you? How did you cope?


  1. I WANT to be in an almost constant state of prayer like you were. There was a short time in my life when I prayed several times a day - short little prayers like, "Give me patience with this student." etc. I need to get back there again. In a way, these little prayers were like self-talk to remind myself to chill out. I have some anxiety issues and I would pray whenever I started to feel stressed, and it really helped a lot. ("Lord, please help me remember that this is NOT that big of a deal.") But I got out of the habit. Trying to get back into it...

  2. I am not always as good at keeping the lines of communication open as I should (or want) to be.
    But I have been strengthened by the power of prayer many times in my life.
    4 1/2 years ago, our oldest son was in a terrible car accident. It was the faith and prayers of many, many people that buoyed us up and gave us strength to make it through those very difficult days. I could literally feel it as a tangible, physical power.
    The day-to-day, simple prayers are the ones where I am weak and need to focus more on!
    My "word of the year" is Connect, and one of the things I am focusing on is Connecting more with my loving Heavenly Father through scripture study and prayer.
    Great post!

  3. I can remember driving as a teenager. No music. (This was back before cell phones)No nothing. And just literally talking out loud to God. Telling Him about my day, thanking Him, asking questions, seeking guidance, sharing my joys, seeking solace. It didn't matter. I shared it all with God. He was there with me through it all...literally...I could feel Him there with me. He was my closest friend.

    Then college came. I lost it all. I was flopping around like a fish out of water and didn't know what to do. I couldn't find comfort or peace or anything. I was lost. Thus the start of an 8-9 year battle. It took me a very long time to come back around to where I even wanted God back in my life. I was angry and rebellious and a whole lot of other things. I have the scars and some still healing wounds to prove it.

    I know that a lot of people look down on divorce, but a horrible marriage followed by the heartbreak of divorce is what finally made it happen for me. I had already rediscovered the desire for God, but the connection just wasn't happening for me. I was frustrated, but determined not to go down the roads I had before. And slowly but surely, I started to feel the connection again. I spent time in His word, crying out to him in my sadness and started seeing His hand in my life daily. That is when I could finally share my joy with him again. That is the best part for me. I love it. :) I am still far from perfect and far from where I want to be in my relationship with God...but that is where a song I sang as a kid comes in "He's still working on me". :)

  4. I live with that constant conversation going on in my head just like you talk about. It works for me because I am not one to stop before I get going in the morning and pray or right before we eat (although trying to get better at it) or before I fall asleep -- because let's face it, once I'm in bed, there's not much gonna stop me from drifting off.

    However... I don't do as good of a job at listening, I'm afraid. I think I spend too much time talking to God and not getting out of my own head enough to hear what he has to say back to me. You know the saying...a conversation goes both ways. But as with everything else, I'm a work in progress!

  5. Thank you all for your comments. It is so interesting to hear the different ways we communicate or crave to communicate with God.

    Prayer can be so powerful. Thanks again for taking the time to discuss these things.