Monday, March 7, 2011

Winter's Chill

I have been whining about winter since... oh... I don't know, November?

Truth be told, I have NEVER liked winter.

I LOATHE being cold.

My teeth chatter relentlessly.

I tend to be short tempered when cold.

Do. Not. Like. It.

Frost on my windshield ALWAYS surprises me... and ALWAYS comes at a time when I don't have time for winter's latest shenanigans.

For whatever reason though, this winter has been especially trying on my nerves and the ears of anyone near me...

I think it has a lot to do with our home being in a state of disarray since Thanksgiving due to our kitchen repair/remodel.

That and Puddie (my hubby) being gone for 10 weeks prior to that due to a work assignment.

10 weeks of my FAVORITE season... fall.

We Goodes do fall up right... there be punkins, apple orchards, corn mazes and tons of festivities...

This past fall we did all that, but Puddie couldn't always be there... and that, well... it sucked.

From the 10 weeks of limbo to the remodel to this winter season that feels like it is going to keep me from my flip flops FOREVER...

I have been struggling.

Flip flops are important ya know...

I feel like I need Spring like I have never needed her before.

And, I don't need all them showers just quite yet ... I'm talking to you April.

I need some 70s and some sun... Heck, I'll settle for 60s with sun.

Warm glorious sun.

And a long walk, with a GOODe friend. Or maybe 2... or 5!

What are you looking forward to come the Spring sun?

1 comment:

  1. Getting the camper out--yes.
    Yard work--no.
    My irises blooming--yes.
    Late (kid) track practices four nights a week--no.
    Bike-riding in the park--yes.
    Having to shave my legs more often--no.
    That's my list for warm weather.
    Hang in there: Saw Robin Eggs in the store today, so spring is practically here!